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CTRL + W to close a tab. (These might just be for Google Chrome, but you should be using Google Chrome anyway)

ALT + F4 to close the window.

When browsing the internet, hit F6 to highlight the address bar, to save yourself clicking there to type in a new URL.

F3 to search a page. Works the same as CTRL + F.

I’ve also noticed that on my laptop (Which is Windows Vista, not sure if this’ll work on other OS), if I click (just once) on any desktop item, and then start typing the name of another folder/program that I want to find on the desktop, it will become selected after I’ve typed the first few letters. I usually have a fair amount of icons and folders on my desktop, so this is really handy if I’m having a stupid moment and can’t find the one I’m looking for.

5. Learn to deal with the ‘cold’

Lately I find myself getting more and more frustrated with people who announce that they’re cold, when there’s no way in hell they should be cold.

You’re out having a drink, sitting outside as a sunny day draws to a close. The sun starts to set. It’s no longer warm, but it isn’t cold either. Someone pipes up with “God it’s freezing, let’s go inside”.

It’s not fucking freezing.

It’s not cold.

It’s just less warm than it was earlier.

Slightly less warm.

Then you have to go inside. We’re inside all the time. If I have a chance to be outside and not get rained on, I wanted to take it.

These are the same people that close the windows on a bus.

Sometimes I’m on a horrible packed bus, and think to myself that the only good thing about the journey is that there’s a lovely little breeze coming in the window, caressing and cooling my handsome face.

I smile and think to myself how great life can be when something so simple and natural can make me happy.

Then some stupid fucking bint marches up and slams the window shut with this air of self-righteousness and a face like a smacked arse.

Then a minute later the overwhelming stuffiness on the bus is getting to you and you start to sweat a bit. Not proper sweat, but just enough that your face feels moist. Usually just above the upper lip.

Why do people think it’s better to be uncomfortably warm than uncomfortably cold?

The thing about being a little too warm is that it has physical impact.

You sweat.

Your face might get a bit flushed.

But being a bit cool?

Nothing wrong with that. Nothing happens. You feel clean and refreshed.

I think people mistake fresh air for cold air.

People are too used to being in horrible places that are too hot and stuffy. When they’re lucky enough to have a bit of fresh air hit them they automatically dub it “freezing” and do something annoying like say “brrr” or rub their hands together and blow on them.

So everyone should man the fuck up and try to appreciate being a bit cool now and again.

You’ll be a much less annoying person.

That’s my advice.

I’m thinking about becoming an Agony Uncle.

11 August 2011For The Lolz, Life etc., Ranting2 Comments


I found just what I was needed, and it was etenraitning!


I think you’re a funny guy, and a way above average writer, but that short cut tutorial you just gave was the best thing you ever wrote on this blog. At home I have a Mac and at work, when I use a PC, I’m pretty sure I grow 10 extra fingers. Cheers.

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