There’s trouble afoot. Got a talking to in school today about, it seems the main problem is about promoting the site in school. The site has been banned from computers in my school now anyway. Apparently there may be more to follow tomorrow too, so let’s hope I’m in no serious trouble or anything. Just to be sure, I’ve put the site down for a while, until I see what’s said to me about it tomorrow.

May have to sell it on, and there’s not really a chance of getting much for it, so it’s all a little disappointing.

Time will tell, in the end I don’t want to get in any big trouble in school for a little proxy site that has only made .23c in adsense so far. I can’t see why I’d be in major trouble, but I should be ready just in case.

10 September 2007Business, Life etc.1 Comment

Perfume Online

Personally I often purchase testers online, they are a huge saving compared to the full priced products, and normally its only the lid that isn’t there.

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